About Us

The Meridyen Association is a non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to the creation of a genuine tradition of language and thought by merging the universal heritage of knowledge with social values. Integrating these aims with a system of timeless values, our society acts like the meridians, adopting a position in society that is both comprehensive, yet independent, maintaining equal distances from all social dynamics.

The Meridyen Association supports social sciences; this is an area that provides a chance to create and carry out projects that maintain the delicate balance between different social dynamics in accordance with the changing environment. Every kind of support that we provide for research in social sciences, accepted to be one of the important parameters of development at an international level, highlights the profundity of tradition as opposed to superficial movements of globalization.

In the light of this aim, our society has developed areas of activity that help contribute to subjects such as the compatibility of the established areas of study in social sciences in Turkey with the actual problems of the society, the question of which discipline has gained significance and investigating the paradigms that are dominant in these disciplines. Our society works towards encouraging young people of a certain academic caliber to study in these disciplines, alleviating problems that arise during the actual study and benefiting from the current academic experiences and knowledge.

Meridyen Association draws its dynamic strength from people who are aware of the importance of social sciences and who believe in the effective power of this area in shaping the future. It employs every kind of financial and moral support from its members to create permanent solutions that will help meet the needs of the society. Its modest donations are employed in the support of intellectual studies and the ideal of cultivating people with quality.

The Executive and Advisory Committee Former Presidents: 

• Fatma Bayram  2006-2009 (Founding President)
• Hümeyra Şahin  2009-2012
• Saliha Büyükdeniz – 2012-2017

Executive Committee:

• Dt. Melike Koç (Executive Committee President)
• Av. Emine Doğan (Executive Committee Vice President)
• Havva M. Kanbur (Executive Committee Vice President)
• F. Zehra Durmuş (Accountant)
• Ecz. Esra Polat (Secretary)
• Fatma Bayram
• Saliha Büyükdeniz
• Hülya Pala