Meridyen Academy

Meridyen Association sees humanities and social sciences as the key to understand human beings and society and makes efforts to raise qualified social scientists. It supports academics that work on humanities and social sciences in a different way than classical scholarship understanding. The association evaluates applications done with academic references in its academic board and supports graduate projects and researches that are found as eligible. 
Here are few examples of universities that the supported academics worked with:

• London School of Economics and Political Science
• Arizona State University
• University of Exeter
• Indiana University
• Goldsmiths University of London

Meridyen presents a road map to the youth and to builds a bridge between academics and young people by establishing a consultancy unit to give them advice about their academic and intellectual improvement.

Meridyen’s experience sharing based unit offers consultancy service in these areas:

• Undergraduate and graduate university and field choosing
• Advices for studying abroad
• Distance education
• Contribution to academic and intellectual improvement